Custom Pump Shaft Houston, Texas
17-4ph stainless steel

XM-19 Stainless Steel

XM-19 Stainless Steel, a highly fabricable, highly weldable, nitrogen strengthened, austenitic stainless steel, provides twice the yield strength of stainless steel type 316 and a resistance to corrosion equivalent to type 316. Even after extreme forming, XM-19 Stainless Steel stays non-magnetic. Due to all these advantages, it is often used in boat shafting, marine hardware, pumps, valves, and fasteners. The machinability of XM-19 Stainless Steel is comparable to that of alloy 316 or 317. It is formable, but there will be more springback with XM-19 than with other austenitic stainless steels. To achieve maximum hardness, use cold working. Because of XM-19's high tendency toward work hardening, process anneal the work piece after forming to relieve stress.


Stainless Steel Round Bar

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Custom Pump Shaft Houston, Texas