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Stainless Steel 17-4PH
17-4ph stainless steel


Specialty Steel Supply is one of the largest distributors of austenitic, precipitation hardened, duplex and martensitic stainless steel round bar as well as various nickels.

Due to our on-site waterjets, centerless grinders, hydraulic press straighteners and other equipment we are able to create custom pump shafts and other custom products with a quick turnaround.





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We have a wide range of products including XM19, 17-4, Nitronic 50, Nitronic 60, the 300 series and the 400 series among others, and we offer many in-house services. We are able to provide welding, heat treating, bar turning, forging and honing in addition to many other processes. Because this is all done in-house, it is not only more convenient for our customers, we are also able to be accountable for the tracking of crucial turnaround items.

Our well trained staff offers many years of experience in all aspects of the steel industry. Our ability to procure and source metals, including hard to find metals, from all parts of the world allows us to stay competitive in a global marketplace. We are committed to developing and servicing just in time inventory programs.

17-4PH Stainless Steel

Stainless steel grade 17-4, a chromium-nickel-copper stainless steel, maintains high strength up to a temperature of approximately 600° F and provides a level of corrosion resistance that surpasses the 400 series of stainless steels. 17-4 Stainless Steel has a martensitic structure in the annealed condition and requires a low temperature treatment to sustain a higher level of strength.

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Stainless Steel Round Bar

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